School Fees

Mandatory Fees:

TUITION FEES for AY 2017-2018 (Approved by KHDA*)


Tuition Fees Payment Schedule

Total Tuition Fees (AED)

1st Payment

2nd Payment
1st December

3rd Payment
1st March

KG I 6,047 6,046 6,046 18,139
KG II 6,047 6,046 6,046 18,139
Gr. 1 6,834 6,833 6,833 20,500
Gr. 2 6,834 6,833 6,833 20,500
Gr. 3 7,559 7,558 7,558 22,675
Gr. 4 7,559 7,558 7,558 22,675
Gr. 5 7,559 7,558 7,558 22,675
Gr. 6 7,559 7,558 7,558 22,675
Gr. 7 8,387 8,387 8,387 25,159
Gr. 8 8,387 8,386 8,386 25,159
Gr. 9 10,354 10,354 10,353 31,061
Gr.10 10,354 10,354 10,353 31,061
Gr.11 10,354 10,354 10,353 31,061
Gr.12 10,354 10,354 10,353 31,061


# In case of new students, the first installment of tuition fees has to be paid in cash/CDC at the time of registration. For the returning students, the first installment may also be paid as PDC dated August 25, 2017.

- The fees for the entire year must be settled in cash/CDC and PDC at the time of registration.

* Tuition fees include the use of textbooks for the balance of the school year (textbooks must be returned in good condition to school during exam days at the end of the academic year).



PPS charges AED 350 in assessment fees from every new student applicant. This fee is non-refundable.

International Assessment

Standardized Test registration: The fee for the standardized test (MAP / CAT4) is AED 132 per student in Grades 2, 5, 7 & 9 and AED 232 per student in Grade 3, 4, 6 & 8.

Optional Fees:



  • A non-refundable amount of AED 1,500 is charged upon re-registering every old student and registration of every new student (This amount is deductable from the tuition fees).
  • New students will pay 30% of total fees to confirm registration at PPS. This amount is deducted from the tuition fees of the academic year in which admission is sought and is refundable only if the family provides proof of leaving the UAE or changing to a school in another Emirate.
  • Bus transport registration is confirmed through paying 10% from total transportation fees due for the year. This amount is refundable only if the transportation is cancelled before August 25th.

Consumable workbooks/ E-books License, Laptop Usage & Stationery Fees:


  • Consumable workbooks & Stationery fees is AED 1,849 for KG 1 & KG 2 and AED 1,306 for Grade 1 to Grade 12.
  • SAT+TOEFEL (Grade 11 and 12): the fees will be according to international institutes rates for the year 2017-2018.
  • Digital license fees for all subjects (English, Math, and Science) are AED 707 per student (Grade K2 to Grade 12).
  • Laptop use/rental will be AED 544 per student (K2 to G5).
  • Students from Grades 6 to 12 will be required to bring in their own laptops.

School Uniform:


The total amount of AED: 897/- is charged for the school uniform set which includes the following items:

  • 1 pc. Trouser/Short
  • 2 pcs. Shirt
  • 1 pc. PE Short
  • 1 pc. PE Shirt (White)
  • 1 pc. Jogging Suit
  • 1 pc. Jacket
  • 1 pc. Pill Troll Sweater
  • 1 pc. PE Bag (Gr 4 to Gr 12)



The transportation fees are:

Area Yearly Fees (Two - Ways) AED Yearly Fees (One - Way) AED Monthly Fees (Two - Ways) AED Monthly Fees (One - Way) AED
Al Qusais Area
550 350
Dubai and Sharjah Area
Ajman and Al Barsha (and far areas in Dubai)



  • Bus service back from school will only be available at 2:35pm and will not be available at 12:45pm


(KG1 - KG2 / Gr12)Additional Fees:


  • Healthy Snacks: A sandwich and a healthy drink (milk or fruit juice) will be served at 9:30 am. The cost will be AED: 1,480.00 per child from Sept 2017 to May 2018.
  • PPS provides day care service for KG1-KG2 children whose parents are not able to take them home at the end of the day (12:45pm). The cost of this service from 12:45pm until 2:35pm will be AED 635 per month.
  • Gr 12 Graduation ceremony fees: AED 370


Clubs and Activities:


  • An amount of AED 1250 is charged per club per term (two sessions per weeks).
  • Fees may vary for some clubs with special requirements.
  • A detailed letter will be sent to parents two weeks before activities start.


Subject Specific Remedial Courses & Special Education Needs (SEN):


  • Subject-Specific remedial courses in all classes (for children with no or little English-ESL-and underachievers in mathematics) will cost AED 10,877 per subject/year in addition to the regular tuition fees. The fee is AED 19,580 if the child has remedial courses in both English & Math for full year.
  • Special Education Needs (SEN): The fee is AED 23,930 per year in addition to the regular tuition fees.

Sibling Discount:


  • A 10% discount on the first child’s tuition fees is provided to families with two children at PPS
  • A 15% discount on the first child’s tuition fees and a 10% discount on the second child’s tuition fees is given to families with three children at PPS.
  • A 15% discount on the first and second child’s tuition fees and 10% on the third child’s tuition fees is given to families with four children at PPS.




  • Parents will pay school fees for one full month if learner attends school for two weeks or less.
  • Parents will pay school fees for two full months if learner attends school for more than two weeks and less than one month.
  • Parents will pay school fees for three months if learner attends school for more than one month.
  • School books and uniforms will not be refunded but transportation fees will follow the same regulations as tuition fees. The value of the fee per month is calculated by dividing the total tuition fee by 10.


Philadelphia Private School (PPS), Dubai, is accredited by the New England Association of Schools & Colleges (NEASC) and AdvancED. PPS is a member of the Learner’s World International Schools (LWIS) Network that is managed by School Development Consultants (SDC). For more information on the LWIS school network and SDC, please visit: