Mission and Vision

The mission of PPS is to nurture each child's personal, social and academic development within a safe, caring and happy environment. 

We aim to inspire our children to broaden their educational goals and to become compassionate problem solvers within their local and international community.

Our Strategies

To deliver our mission, our school is committed to utilizing the following strategies:

  • Student-Centered Approach: We are committed to developing the abilities of all our students, honoring their different learning styles, multiple intelligences and cultural backgrounds. Each learning experience is designed to cater to the student’s individual needs with the goal of guiding him/her towards academic, personal and social excellence.
  • Encouraging Multilingualism: Multilingualism is as a tool for international understanding it empowers students to become actively involved in our global community. Through our curriculum we offer our students the ability to learn four languages: Arabic, English, French, and Spanish. Our students are equipped with a strong command of two languages and a communicative command in a third.
  • Using Technology: We offer Students computer literacy and interactive "anytime, anywhere” access to quality information technology instruction, empowering students to use these skills to take control of and be responsible for their learning.
  • Using Differentiation: We believe that students have unique learning styles and that each student develops at a unique pace. As such we provide differentiated instruction throughout our classrooms as well as provide different levels of courses where appropriate (particularly in the high school).
  • Being Committed to internationalism and appreciation of the local culture: We believe that equality, understanding and awareness are key to growth and that internationalism is not cultivated only by the curriculum but rather through the provision of an educational system and an environment of international-mindedness. Students benefit from an American curriculum (modified to include aspects of the local and international community, and participate in activities that are enhanced by the cultural diversity of the host country, the school community and international contributions. We also believe that teaching openness, communication, respect, independence, and global awareness are key to building international Students.
  • Providing Qualified Staff: We set high standards for our teachers and provide ongoing training with international consultants to provide students and their families with a holistic academic and social experience.
  • Believing in Partnership: We will create a "learning community” where students, families, teachers and other members of the school community work together in a partnership.


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