1- Infant School

Guiding Principlesof the Infant School Section (Early Childhood; KG1-Grade 2)


The principals of the early childhood school section involve the following:


  • While young children develop through similar stages they develop at individual rates, they need different amounts of time and support to develop common understanding.
  • Learning experiences must be provided that meet individual and group needs, interests and developmental levels.
  • Learning is enhanced byrespectfulinteraction and cooperation with others, including adults and children. Through interaction, organized activities and purposeful play, children explore and experiment with their environment to add to their knowledge and learn new skills.
  • Parents play a central role in the development of their children. When children begin Preschool, parents and teachers form a partnership to support learning at home and at school.
  • Happy children learn better. Children are given choice, and nurturing their rights to speak up is essential.
  • Respect and understanding of both the local and international community is essential to being sociallywell developedand empathetic learners.


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