Rahaal Programme

Launching Rahaal Programme 

The KHDA introduced the Rahaal Programme in April 2018 as part of the Dubai 10X initiative, a project of the Dubai Future Foundation. 

Philadelphia Private School,  was happy to launch this program. Our educational innovation received tremendous praise. 

The word "traveler" in Arabic means "Rahaal," the message of Rahaal is simple - the world is a classroom, and all learning counts. This program supports each student in finding their own unique path based on further education and job preferences, co-curricular passions and abilities, and academic requirements. Students will have the chance to learn remotely or anywhere in the world, in parallel to pursuing their vocational dreams. 

Before Rahaal was introduced, students struggled and could not balance between academic requirements and activities/ paths that help them pursue their dreams, thus Rahaal was a solution as a non-instructional and self-study program. 

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