A Message from the Acting Principal

In keeping with Philadelphia Private School’s (PPS) Purpose and Direction we aim to harness the personal, social and academic dimensions of your children. This is accomplished through our:

·Open door policy, whereby we encourage all members of the community to take part in decision making.

·Provision of a safe and healthy environment.

·Provision of qualified staff who are provided with ongoing in-service training to keep abreast with current pedagogical practices.

·Provision of an array of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities as well as emphasis on personal and social development to nurture the whole child.

·Use of differentiated instruction, emphasis on the use of technology, and provision of additional support services where necessary.

Our aim is that children become:

·Critical thinkers and researchers

·Caring individuals

·Problem solvers

·Good communicators

·Team players

·Positive change agents

·Internationally minded individuals

·Aware of their local values and community



The purpose of this handbook is to provide you with an overview of our schools Philosophy and Beliefs, and the Policies and Procedures in place to make our journey a productive and fulfilling one.


Marcus Paris 

Acting Principal

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