National and International Curricula

International education through both National and United States (US) Curricula

At LWIS, we believe internationalism can be experienced even in schools that follow a national curriculum with predominantly national pupils and staff.  While the provision of an international curriculum to a school population may facilitate achieving international standards, we believe that the opportunity to experience internationalism is not cultivated only by the curriculum but rather through the provision of an educational system and environment of international-mindedness.

Hence, as well as providing international education through US curricula, some of our schools follow a national curriculum which we modify and embed into our international-minded community providing these learners with exposure to and knowledge of a dual educational system. 

At PPS-Dubai, the American High School program is on offer culminating with the American High School Diploma. The American curriculum is modified to include aspects of the local and international community. Advanced Placement (AP) courses are on offer in the Senior School. We believe it is crucial to implement aspects of the local and international community into everything that we do. We are driven by the U.A.E National Agenda to create a competitive edge and to compete academically on an international level while embracing and nurturing national values. 

We focus on innovation and believe that students’ opinions and contributions are principal to their learning and to the development of pilot ideas and programs at school. Students participate in activities that are enhanced by the cultural diversity of the host country, the school community and international contributions. We also believe that teaching openness, communication, respect, independence, and awareness are key to building international learners. 

At PPS-Dubai, we believe that a person’s success is not only measured by his or her academic achievement but also by strength of character. As such the school’s administration and staff work to create a learning environment that empowers and encourages students to actively participate in social, economic, environmental and sports events both locally and internationally as well as promotes leadership in a community that is intercultural and international.


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