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Inclusive Education at Philadelphia Private School


Philadelphia Private School (PPS) provides inclusive services for students of determination (SOD), who experience special educational needs and/or disabilities. PPS ensures a safe and nurturing environment that provides equitable access to quality inclusive education in the mainstream environment, alongside their peers.


All the PPS leaders and staff members share the following common beliefs:

  • view and value student diversity as an integral part of holistic education
  • recognize the learning potential of all students
  • engage with theories of learning that support child centered and differentiated approaches to teaching and learning
  • acknowledge that all students have the right to education in a supportive and caring learning environment
  • prevent marginalization and discrimination in education based on the experience of inclusion in order to reduce barriers to participation in the learning process
  • be proactive in removing barriers to learning in diverse student populations, by adapting and modifying curricula, teaching and learning strategies
  • fulfill their responsibility to facilitate an inclusive culture within their individual education settings and be accountable through the programs, practices and outcomes of the entire learning community

Philadelphia Private School places a strong emphasis on the mental safety and well-being of our students. In addition to our dedicated staff and faculty, we have two experienced counselors or social workers who are diligently working alongside our students. Their primary focus is to provide the necessary support and guidance to ensure that our students' emotional needs are met. At Philadelphia Private School, we prioritize the holistic well-being of our students, acknowledging the importance of mental and emotional health in their educational journey.


Inclusion Department


The Inclusion Department adheres to the philosophy that each individual with challenges is entitled to the support necessary to maximize his/her potential. The Inclusion Support Team is headed by the Principal, Inclusion Champion , and the Inclusion Coordinator. We have Learning Support Assistants who are qualified teachers to support our students. The team works with classroom teachers and other educational personnel, to fulfill the following objectives:


  • To create an effective climate for learning by sharing all available information about a child’s challenges pertinent to the child’s performance in an educational setting.
  • To provide and implement program and testing accommodations as stipulated on the Individualized Educational Plan (IEP).
  • To facilitate each student’s academic progress and social development by establishing appropriate goals and providing instruction.
  • To support and act as a resource for classroom teachers working with students with special needs.
  • To encourage students to be aware of their strengths and challenges so that they can become good advocates for themselves in all settings.


We, at PPS-Dubai, offer personalized special education services that cater to students of all abilities and help them reach their full potential, by adopting a whole school approach.



The inclusive services provided at PPS will ensure students are given opportunities to work collaboratively with others and exercise their higher order thinking skills to meet the general education curriculum in the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE), at their own pace and speed.

The additional services are as follows:

  • Accommodations to the general education curriculum to meet individual needs
  • Modifications to the general education curriculum to meet individual needs
  • Opportunities to use assistive devices and/or supplementary aids in the mainstream environment
  • Specialized instruction in a sensory (Snoezelen) and/or resource room


It is the policy of PPS to meet the following objectives for students with disabilities:


1. Students will be identified

2. Will have comprehensive evaluations which define both needs and strengths.

3. Will have Individual Education Programs designed to meet their specific needs.

4. Will be offered special help based on the individual education program in the Least Restrictive Environment possible.

5. Will have any potentially harmful effects considered prior to placement for Special Education services.

6. Will be educated to the maximum extent possible with non-disabled peers.

7. Will have their programs reviewed at least annually.

8 .Will be re-evaluated or considered for re-evaluation at least every three years


For further information on how to enroll your child, please email the admissions team at: [email protected]


Please see the attached Inclusion Policy for further information regarding the services provided to students of determination

Inclusion Policy


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