Academic Programs

Infant Section

Our infant Section is structured to facilitate the independent progression of young children at their own pace, particularly during their foundational growth years. Rooted in an integrated syllabus and thematic curriculum, it offers faculty and students the opportunity to engage in extracurricular and interdisciplinary activities. Within the classroom environment and tasks, educators can provide additional assistance to those requiring it, while simultaneously challenging high achievers to surpass their limits, thus enhancing the confidence levels of both to realize their maximum potential.

Our infant Section is dedicated to addressing the unique needs of each child, as well as fostering their collective interests and developmental stages. We work closely with guardians to ensure consistent reinforcement of learning, both at home and in the educational setting. By cultivating confidence in our students to confront challenges autonomously, pose inquiries, and explore novel activities, we aim to foster well-rounded learners who are equipped for success in all aspects of life.