School Life

At Philadelphia Private School, our school community is vibrant and inclusive, encompassing students, parents, teachers, staff, management, consultants, and the broader community.

Students at Philadelphia Private School have a voice in shaping their educational experience. They have the opportunity to elect representatives to the Student Council, which serves as a platform for student voices to be heard and ideas to be implemented.

In addition to student representation, parents come together to form a dynamic Parents Committee (PC). This collaborative effort ensures that the interests of both students and families are considered in the decision-making processes of the school.

To further enhance communication and collaboration, the Board of Trustees (BOT) establishes an Advisory Board. This board brings together representatives from the Student Council, Alumni, PC, school management, as well as esteemed educators from both local and international communities. This collective wisdom helps guide the direction of our school, ensuring that it remains responsive to the needs and aspirations of all stakeholders.

At Philadelphia Private School, we uphold an open-door policy, valuing the input and feedback of every member of our community. Through this commitment to inclusivity and transparency, we cultivate a supportive and engaging environment where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.