Our Team of Leaders

A message from the Principal

Dear Parents,


Welcome to Philadelphia Private School where we measure success one happy learner at a time.
Every year is a new chapter for our students in their journey of growth and development. We cherish our partnership with you and aim to provide all students with a caring and supportive environment. An environment where their voices and choices are heard and respected. An environment built on respect and free of apprehension. An environment where they can become effective leaders with critical thinking abilities. An environment that encourages creativity while focusing on good values. An environment where students know their rights and uphold their responsibilities. An environment that is inclusive of all learners and celebrates diversity.

At PPS, we promote Holistic Education whereby personal, social, academic and cognitive development are a way of life. I invite you to join the PPS journey and experience the difference!


Warm regards,
Dr. Nabil Husni

Governance Systems

The health of the school depends upon having a responsible and effective system of governance which assures that the school remains true to its purpose and has the necessary resources to support its operation.
BOT Appointment

The Board of Trustees’ responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Being responsible for the institution and its purpose, not for the separate constituencies.
  • Planning, developing, and establishing policies.
  • Setting the policy of the financial condition of the school, approving budgets, and monitoring them (checks and balances).
  • Ensuring that the physical plant of the school serves its purpose.
  • Organizing and managing itself to fulfill its duties with bylaws, policies, and procedures.
  • Contracting, if and when needed, educational or other consultants to oversee the school’s development, advising on the hiring criteria for the School Principal, assisting in recruitment and training, and developing the school’s improvement plans in line with PPS Dubai’s purpose and direction.
  • Appointing the School Principal and the School Auditor.
BOT Appointment
PPS Dubai BOT is appointed by the Philadelphia Private School Limited Liability Company (PPS LLC).
  • The Board shall include expertise in educational and business affairs and public relations.
  • The Board should include at least three members of PPS LLC or others nominated by members. The number of Board members will not exceed seven.
The Board shall be appointed for a term of four years indefinitely renewable.

Current Board of Trustee Members

Mr. Nashat Sahawneh


Mr. Shukri Husni

Vice Chairperson — Executive Director

Ms. Abeer Fakhoury

Member — Education Committee

Mr. Raphael Khlat

Secretary — Education Committee

Mr. Wael Sahawneh

Treasurer — Finance Committee

Mr. Abdel Karim Esteitieh

Member (Law Firm)

Management Team

Education: BS in Chemical Engineering / MS in Mathematics / EDS in Education Leadership / EDD in Education Leadership

Background: Nabil Husni has over thirty years experience as a teacher, leader, and educational consultant. Dr. Husni’s experience in teaching and leadership includes University of Missouri, Missouri Southern State College, Pittsburgh State University, Palm Beach College, Harrisburg Area College, the American University of Technology, the University of the Holy Spirit, and LWIS schools in Lebanon, the Middle East and Turkey.

Dr. Husni has designed and conducted many professional development workshops in over ten countries. He also served on a team accreditation visit in addition to assessing many International Schools.

Dr. Husni has been recognized by many Local and International organizations. His latest award was from MAIS (Mediterranean Association of International School) for outstanding contributions to International Education in November 2018.

Dr. Husni is currently the Principal of Philadelphia Private School (PPS) in Dubai and serves as a Board member on all the Learner World International Schools (LWIS) in Lebanon and the Middle East. Dr. Husni is also a Senior Consultant at School Development Consultant (SDC) with expertise in leadership, strategic planning, holistic development, teaching and learning, school assessment, and peace education.

Dr. Husni is a Peace Maker and a Humanitarian. He is the Founder and Servant of the Peace Education Society (PES). PES is a non-profit organization that promotes Democracy, Citizenship, Human Rights, Conflict Resolution, Health and Safety, Environmental Education, and Service Learning. Dr. Husni is an author whose most recent publications include “Leadership and Holistic Education,” “Peace Education is a Way of Life: A Revolution Against Indifference,” and “Zero based” Governance: A New Model for the Future.

Education: BS in Accounting / Teaching Diploma in Curriculum Design

Background: With over 33 years of dedicated educational experience, Ms. Hamah emerges as a seasoned professional with a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Her journey in education commenced in Amman, Jordan, where she began as a teacher, laying the foundation for her remarkable career trajectory. Demonstrating exceptional leadership qualities, Ms. Hamah swiftly ascended to roles of greater responsibility, serving as Vice Principal and briefly as Principal in schools within Jordan.

Driven by her passion for fostering academic excellence, Ms. Hamah transitioned to PPS-Dubai, where she has served as Vice Principal for the past 15 years. In this role, she has played a pivotal part in shaping the educational landscape of the institution, contributing significantly to its growth and development. Ms. Hamah’s leadership style is characterized by a steadfast commitment to student success, as she tirelessly works to create an environment conducive to learning and personal growth.

Her extensive experience in diverse educational settings, coupled with her unwavering dedication, renders Ms. Hamah an invaluable asset to our school community. Her profound impact resonates in the broader educational sphere, where her contributions continue to inspire and elevate standards of excellence.

Education: Maitrise in Sciences (Teaching diploma) Mathematics & Statistics / Master’s in Education (Multimedia Engineering for Education)

Background: With over 23 years of experience in the education sector, Mr. Sassine has demonstrated a remarkable dedication to enhancing learning environments and fostering academic excellence. His journey commenced with a profound enthusiasm for mathematics and physics, propelling him into a career focused on teaching these subjects. Throughout his tenure at the LWIS network, Mr. Sassine honed his expertise in education, gaining valuable insights into the complexities and opportunities within educational institutions.

Having assumed various leadership roles, including departmental coordinator and member of the school leadership team, Mr. Sassine played a pivotal role in identifying areas for improvement and implementing strategic interventions to address them. His involvement extended beyond the classroom, as he served as an academic consultant for LWIS network schools abroad, contributing to broader educational initiatives. In this capacity, he facilitated whole-school system evaluations, aided in policy development, and spearheaded accreditation efforts, notably leading the authorization of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) at his school.

Mr. Sassine’s commitment to leveraging educational technology for enhanced learning outcomes is evident in his comprehensive approach to technology integration, which encompasses innovative teaching and learning systems as well as school information systems. His diverse experiences and extensive academic background underscore his passion for educational excellence and his unwavering dedication to driving positive change within educational institutions. Mr. Sassine’s profound desire to empower students to reach their full potential underscores his lifelong commitment to learning and professional growth in the field of education.

Education: MS in Education in Curriculum Instruction and Assessment / BS in Science Education / TD in Education

Background: Ms. Zeina, with over 17 years of experience in the education field, has been an integral part of Philadelphia Private School (PPS) since 2006. She has assumed the role of director of K-5 section since 2018, demonstrating a profound dedication to fostering academic excellence and student affairs within the institution. Zeina’s commitment extends beyond the confines of traditional education; she prioritizes the holistic development of students, emphasizing emotional and social growth alongside academic achievement.

Education: B.S. Degree in Chemistry Science/ MS. in Quality and Safety of Healthcare Management / Teaching Diploma

Background: Bringing a wealth of academic knowledge and extensive teaching experience, Ms. Maram has played crucial roles in education. From her position as an AP (Advanced Placement) Chemistry Teacher to leading the Chemistry Department and eventually overseeing the Middle School Section, she has demonstrated exemplary leadership and dedication. Ms. Maram’s expertise has been instrumental in shaping the academic landscape of our institution, fostering a culture of excellence and growth among students and colleagues alike.

Education: BA in English Literature

Background: With six years of experience as an English teacher in Egypt, Ms. Nahwat transitioned to Dubai in 2006, where she has been an integral part of the PPS community. Throughout her tenure, she has held various roles as a senior administrator, teacher, and coordinator. Ms. Nahwat has been a key figure in the academic leadership of PPS, serving as the Head of Middle School and later transitioning to the Head of High School in 2017. Her dedication and commitment to educational excellence have significantly contributed to our school community’s success.

Education:  Master of Education in Educational Leadership / BS in Biology and a College Counseling Certificate

Background: With over 14 years dedicated to the field of education, Mr. Wael has established a multifaceted career trajectory marked by versatility and dedication. Having commenced as a teacher, he has held diverse roles within educational institutions, ranging from teaching positions to leadership roles such as head of department and school leader. Throughout his journey, he has exemplified a passion for fostering both academic excellence and personal growth among students. Specializing in Science and Biology, his commitment to excellence led him to actively engage in AP Reading events and eventually transition to work with the College Board as an AP Workshop consultant. Beyond the classroom, Mr. Wael has contributed significantly to the broader educational community, serving as a NEASC visitor, and engaging in teacher coaching and data analysis to enhance educational outcomes.

Education: MBA in Marketing /BS in Economics & Statistics / Professional Teaching Diploma

Background: For the past eight years, Ms. Rula has thrived in various capacities at Philadelphia Private School (PPS), actively contributing to student success. As a dedicated counselor since 2021, she has guided over 200 students annually through college and career exploration, providing valuable support with financial aid and admissions processes. Ms. Rula took the lead in implementing the school’s inaugural ACCP program in the UAE and was recognized as an approved adjunct instructor for Marquette University’s Dual Path program. Her leadership extends to the social sciences department, where she has served since 2018, overseeing curriculum development, teacher performance, and staff training. Ms. Rula’s passion for economics ignited in the classroom in 2016, where she fostered student interest in subjects like AP Microeconomics. This journey reflects her unwavering commitment to holistic student development, encompassing academic excellence and a well-defined future.

Education: BA in English Language and Literature / Post-graduate degree in Special Educational Needs-Inclusion / M.A. in Education with a focus on Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)

Background: Ms. Manal brings with her a solid foundation in education spanning over two decades, encompassing diverse roles that have enriched her professional journey. She was teaching English at public and technical schools from 2001 to 2006 in Lebanon. In Dubai, Ms. Manal has fulfilled roles such as an Inclusion English Teacher, a SEND Coordinator, and Head of the Inclusion Department since 2016. Her extensive experience and dedication to inclusive education make her an asset to the educational community.