National and International Curricula


National and International Curricula

Our curriculum is designed to promote a peace education approach that emphasizes empathy, conflict resolution, and social justice. We believe that peace education is a critical component of our students' education as it helps them to develop the skills and knowledge needed to create a more peaceful and just world.

Peace education involves teaching students how to manage conflict without violence, respect all forms of life, and engage in social justice activities. At our school, we prioritize these values in our curriculum, ensuring that our students have the tools they need to become active and engaged citizens who can work towards a better future.

PPS Dubai offers an American High School program culminating in the American High School Diploma. The American curriculum is adapted to include aspects of the local and international community. Advanced Placement (AP) courses are also available in the Senior School. We believe it is crucial to incorporate elements of the local and international community into all aspects of our education. We are driven by the UAE National Agenda to establish a competitive edge and compete academically on an international level while promoting and nurturing national values.

We prioritize innovation and believe that students' opinions and contributions are essential to their learning and the development of pilot ideas and programs at school. Students engage in activities that are enriched by the cultural diversity of the host country, the school community, and international contributions. We also believe that teaching openness, communication, respect, independence, and awareness are critical to fostering international learners.

At PPS Dubai, we believe that a person's success is not only measured by their academic achievements but also by their strength of character. As such, the school's administration and staff strive to create a learning environment that empowers and encourages students to actively participate in social, economic, environmental, and sports events both locally and internationally, as well as promoting leadership in a community that is intercultural and international. 

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