Registration Procedure
Learners applying to Philadelphia Private School have to pass through two phases: the academic assessment and the interview.

The learner will be interviewed by the relevant director of section or the Principal.

The interview aims at evaluating the learner's personality, attitude and communication skills, in order to identify or detect any risk of behavior challenges. The interviewers will pay attention to the following:

  • Speech
  • Communication skills
  • Social skills and manners
  • Problem solving skills.
If the interview team suspect interpersonal or social competencies challenges, a formal assessment will be recommended, according to which the management team will confer the decision of acceptance and placement..

Parents will receive the school information file from the human resources department and will be given time to review it and fill out the form and pay the assessment fees in the accounting office. Then an appointment will be given to the parent/learner to have a school tour upon request and the learner will sit for the placement assessment

Placement assessment and the second screening results will be referred to the Principal for approval. Following acceptance, the parents will be contacted by the school to follow the registration procedure.

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